I'm Emily, a female, licensed, freelance photographer in the UAE. I have been taking photographs since I received a Kodak 110 for my 10th birthday. I can still remember the very first photograph I took with that camera; a picture of my ginger cat.

I therefore firmly believe that photographs capture precious moments in time, so that they can exist forever. How many times have you looked at a long lost photograph and then been swept up in the memories to which it is related? 

When I show photographs to my 5 year old daughter, of her as a baby, she smiles when she recognises herself. Likewise when I see a photograph of me aged 2 with my grandparents or one of me during my birthday party in 1988. Some moments can never be replicated and a photograph prevents them from being lost or forgotten. 

Memories may fade but photographs can help you relive the moment, in an instant. I really enjoy seeing the reaction of people who view their photos from a shoot for the first time and it is so special to be able to offer them that experience.

I have an absolute passion for photography, which has not dimmed over the years. 

If you like my style, please get in touch; I would be honoured to provide you with photographs to treasure.
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